Wooden Bathtubs

Natural wooden bathtubs made from oak wood, provide a natural and warm appearance that evokes comfort and relaxation. Designed for the utmost care

ReF (Transparent) Bathtubs

Modern bathtubs are made from transparent industrial resin material, resistant to scratches or damage.

Geometric Stone Bathtubs

Sinks made of artificial stone materials, that give them a luxurious and elegant appearance, are a great choice for many naturally skilled people

Artificial Marble Bathtubs

Bathtubs are made from resins and fine marble, providing an appearance similar to natural marble. They are characterized by their high durability and resistance to damage.

Acrylic Bathtubs

Sinks are made of a strong, durable acrylic plastic material, suitable for everyday use and relatively common, they have a high-end aesthetic and are difficult to fall into.

Jacuzzi Bathtubs

Children Jacuzzis

Produced for children who like fun water experiences, and it is provided with water flow control technology.

Elderly Jacuzzis

Created for the elderly who prefer to relax on non-slip surfaces through special control systems.

Special Aids Jacuzzies

Made specially for people with special aids. They are non-slip, contain innovative systems, and easy.

Outdoor Jacuzzis

These basins are designed for outdoor use because they are resistant to external weather factors

Indoor Jacuzzis

Designed for use inside closed spaces such as homes, bathrooms, or even private rooms

Bathroom Accessories

Steam Generators

Devices used to produce hot water steam for a steam bath (Moroccan bath)

Beauty Accessories

A variety of different accessories you need for sinks such as acrylic shelves.

Bathroom and Shower Faucets

Controls the flow of hot and cold water into the bathtub allowing you to customize your showering experience.

Steam shower cabins

Equipped with built-in steam units, enabling you to enjoy the combined experience of a traditional shower

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