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Alam AlMaghtis

A relaxing moment in the heart of your home

Alam AlMaghtis is an innovative venture that emerged in 2021, catering to the diverse needs of the Saudi market. We specialize in offering a wide range of high-quality bathtub and Jacuzzi designs, uniquely crafted with modern aesthetics and innovative forms. Furthermore, we offer an array of supplementary accessories and steam appliances. 

Additionally, our services include expert maintenance and installation for a diverse selection of luxurious bathtubs and Jacuzzis, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and durability. 

We boast a proficient team of specialists well-versed in this domain, bringing vast expertise and insights. Our company stands out for its professionalism and superior workmanship, dedicated to ensuring our customers’ comfort and absolute satisfaction. Attention to intricate product details is our hallmark, aiming to deliver a luxurious and unique experience to our customers. 

We prioritize excellent performance, all while championing environmental sustainability and technological advancement.

Our Goals

Provide modern designs for various innovative shapes of bathtubs.

Offer high-quality products with a diverse range of options.

Provide exceptional service to ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

Expand our presence in the Saudi market to be the first and preferred choice for our target audience.

Our Values

Safety and Comfort

We are dedicated to providing products that are comfortable and safe for everyday use, free from defects.

Beauty and Elegance

We reflect the beauty of our designs to align with your diverse tastes, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your life.

Quality and Durability

We emphasize our commitment to maintaining both quality and durability in our manufacturing processes, ensuring reliable and guaranteed products.


We believe in the importance of transparency and integrity in our dealings, providing our customers with honest information about our products and services.